Foot Fin

The tube “L FIN Type” is made with the fin strip wounded under tension on the tubes and secured for the optimum contact pressure on the foot of the fin onto the base tube with an “L” or a “double L” bend of the fin. This technique ensures maximum heat transfer properties and temperature of working until 150° C. For this type of finned tubes our productive capacity is over 3000 meters per day.


The strip material is subjected to controlled deformation under tension giving the optimum contact pressure of the foot of the fin onto the base tube thus maximising the heat transfer properties.
The foot of the fin considerably enhances the corrosion protection of the base tube.


Manufactured in the same way as the ‘L’ finned tube type except that the fin foot is overlapped to completely enclose the base tube thereby giving excellent corrosion resistance. This type of finned tube is often used as an alternative to the more expensive extruded type fin in corrosive environments.


Manufactured exactly as the ‘L’ finned tube except that the base tube is knurled before application of the fin foot. After application, the fin foot is knurled into the corresponding knurling on the base tube thereby enhancing the bond between the fin and tube, resulting in improved heat transfer characteristics.


Fin materialFins-InchStrip thickness
AluminiumFrom 6 to 11 Fins / InchFrom 0,4mm. to 0,5mm
Tube materialTube thicknessO.D. tubeLenght available
All type of material1,24mm. minimumFrom 19,05mm. to 50,80 mmAll lenghts up to 15 Meters


Air coolers and heat exchangers and production plants in general.


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